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Barry Dewitt

Barry has a B. Arts & Sci in mathematics from McMaster University (Canada), and an MSc in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science from the University of Oxford. He completed his PhD in Engineering & Public Policy in 2017.

He works with Janel Hanmer (University of Pittsburgh) on the PROMIS-Preference (PROPr) scoring system, a measurement tool that allows researchers and analysts to quantify preferences for health.

With Baruch Fischhoff, Alex Davis, Stephen Broomell, and Janel Hanmer, Barry also works on fundamental problems of preference measurement, such as quantifying the effects of data exclusion practices on subsequent analyses.

With Annika Wallin, Johannes Persson, Lena Wahlberg, and Alex Davis, he works on questions of validity of preference measurement in health policy and analyzes what proven experience means to healthcare professionals.

In addition, Barry has done work applying methods from mathematical psychology to study risk perception of natural hazards, with Baruch Fischhoff, Alex Davis, and Stephen Broomell.

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