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Johan Brännmark

Johan Brännmark is Associate Professor in Ethics and Political Philosophy at the Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University and is since November 2013 Academy Researcher by The Royal Academy of Letters, which finances his part in VBE.

Within this research programme Dr Brännmark will develop his critique of traditional normative theory. This concentrates on the failure of that theory to fit empirical results on human agency. The critique was formulated with Nils-Eric Sahlin, and has been set out in two published papers. Primarily, Dr Brännmark will be drawing out the implications of this previous work for decision-making in medicine. Traditional biomedical ethics tends to focus very strongly on the physician-patient relationship. Over recent years, especially, it has attached great importance to patient autonomy. But this focus does not fit well with the growth of EBM, where many of the most important decisions are made beyond the sphere of physician-patient relations. In response to this development Dr Brännmark has sought to develop models of bioethical thought oriented towards the outputs of the healthcare system rather than the decision-making of discrete individuals.

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